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Club Hub is a platform to help schools run their clubs better. We offer a range of tools to solve challenges that schools face so club leaders can focus on what matters most: the members.

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Club Hub For Schools

Club Hub will become a secret recipe for success for any School Director of Student Activities!

Everything in one place with zero work

Instead of having to spend hours every year communicating with teachers and students to document the clubs and share information with students in a booklet, website, or fair, Club Hub gathers all Club information and beautifully hands it to you in one place.

Clean the Calendar

Many schools lose track of when clubs are meeting and struggle with overlapping clubs meeting simultaneously. With Club Hub, schools can view a calendar of every event happening for all the clubs in their school. Schools can modify event meeting days and times.

Who is part of which clubs?

With Club Hub, you can view all the students in your school and see which clubs they are members/leaders of. You can see how they contribute to club meetings and how many events they attend. This is valuable information for club overseers attempting to review leadership positions, Alumni directories, and college guidance offices.

Meeting reports + Export Data

Instead of asking teachers to share attendance and summary information about meetings, schools can view all the meetings on Club Hub. All the data can be accessed and downloaded by the school.

Share with your community!

Schools receive a customized URL that is public for parents and prospective students to view the range of clubs and activities offered by your school.

How Club Hub Empowers Students

Club Hub is not another app. It is the one place for everything club related!

Attract New Members

Students can view all the clubs at their school on our website, see a description/events calendar, and join the club.

Our awesome features

Students can view all the upcoming events at their school in one calendar.

Our awesome features
Increase Event Attendance

Club members receive an email notification for all events. Members can sign up and leave a message. Members receive a text reminder 1 hour prior to the event.

Our awesome features
Attendance & Feedback

There is an auto generated QR code for club meetings for members to mark themselves present and share feedback.

Our awesome features
Share Information

Club leaders can upload files, forms, and google docs to share with their members.

Our awesome features
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Our awesome features